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Almog & Co

Accounting and Law Firm

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Accountant & Attorney, Doron Almog

Our office is operating for three decades in the fields of accounting, tax consultancy, business and legal services to local and international companies.


Our office is listed on the ministry of defence economic consultants, serves as an expert witness in various courts, expertise in voluntary disclosure, representing and helping all kinds of companies, tax planning, company registration and dissolutions.


The office includes a team of top performing professionals, highly experienced accountants, brilliant tax consultants, bookkeepers and advocates.


Our office provides high-end, personal treatment to any client, no matter his business scale, for a fair price and maximum availability. 


We expertise in helping companies get their best results, analyzing performance and optimizing their structure, planning taxes efficiently and legally. 


Our team make business plans, implement it for our client’s companies, advise financially and legally, evaluate companies value, resolve business conflicts, provide legal opinions, negotiate with banks for better credit plans for the business type, bookkeeping, representing infront of tax authorities, preparing payrolls and more.  

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Accounting & Financial Management

Professionaly tailored services

Our firm has been helping ALL kinds of companies, big or small.

We provide personally tailored services, highly efficient and maximum availability by top tier team of professionals.

Investing & Real Estate

Maximum Yield, Minimum Concern

Our rich experience with joint venture investments in Europe & USA, carefully picking of highly successful projects with great yields and minimum risks.

Evaluations & Investigative Audit

Proven Results

Our firm is highly skilled and experienced as an investigative auditor in international trails of fraud and minority oppression, which were ruled to the benefit of our clients millions of dollars after evaluating the fair assessment of their companies.

Legal & Financial Opinions

Experienced Expert Witness

The way of proving the damage in a civil lawsuit depends on the opinion of an expert who knows exactly how to quantify the damage and back it on court as an expert witness.

A testimony of an accountant who's also an attorney provides a clear leverage and higher chances for the lawsuit.

Our firm experts in legal and financial opinions, and as an expert witness in courts, locally and internationally.


B.S.R 4 Tower, 28th Floor, Metzada 7, Bnei Brak, Israel


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